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Yu Sih

Illustration Friday: Clean

“Clean” is not an easy theme. I could only think about soap suds and things related. I didn’t have ideas till I saw Yu Sih (Yu = big sister) passed the room. Aha! She is perfect model for my “clean” theme.

I’m visiting Mama in my hometown, Malang, now. Yu Sih is Mama’s helper. She worked for my Grandma for over ten years till Grandma passed away in 1996. So up to now, she has worked with the family more than twenty years.

She helps Mama in the kitchen, in the garden, and cleaning the house. I cut 1993 magazine I found in Mama’s library. I used detergent ad as background with washing machine picture. I fixed fridge and Anthurium flower n leaf pictures. Mama collects Anthurium.

Yu Sih cleans..


Mauricio said...

Hi my friend,

All ok?

I like the clean collage and the history.


Rrramone said...

Very nice collage! :-) I like your blog.

claudine hellmuth said...

great collage! love the washer with the bow in the background.

Andrew Thornton said...

I love your story. It's a wonderful tribute to someone who's been with your family for so long. Great shapes!