...art is a by-product of the experience of being with yourself, of living within patience. -- Robert Beer


Life of A Woman

Illustration Friday: Opposites

It took me more than one day to think about something that connects to "opposites" – this week’s theme in IF.

I considered myself lucky to be able to build the idea while flipping thru some woman magazines. I found two lampshades picture first (the breast) but still I didn’t know what to do with it.

Then it came to me the idea of contrasting femininity and masculinity. I looked for a stiletto (ultimate symbol of femininity). Hm.. it suits the feminine part – left side (coded by the color of breast ha ha). I found saw machine in a man’s hand. That’s perfect for the masculine part – right side.

A concept had been built. I had breast (in two contrasting colors), a stiletto, and a saw machine. Other parts followed. I found a fuchsia boots and a nice sequined night-bag for each side.

The main body was found later. Again, I’m lucky. It’s a perfect body in kimono that has both femininity and masculinity qualities. So here it is..

Life of a woman..


Andrew Thornton said...

My favorite thing(s) about this piece are the shapes that created by your negative spaces around your central figure. You've got a nice diversity of sizes and formations.

Cez said...

great creation...love your work!!

Franfou said...

this collage is very coool !!!!1

miragee said...

I love the concept and the collage. I find Japanese style art really irresistible. Well, it reminds me of myself:-). My mom often comments that I am too independent to have lost my femininity. I should show her your collage!