...art is a by-product of the experience of being with yourself, of living within patience. -- Robert Beer


Bricolage: Why fish?


- wooden Chinese mooncake mould
- carved-bone fish, multi-colors
- black vinyl wire


I’m interested in fish-shape just recently. Like heart-shape, it never attracted me before (I still avoid heart-shape). I started accumulating fish-shape in my stuffs, most are in form of accessories.

I found the mooncake mould in Holland Village, Singapore. Old wood always attracts me; any form, any size, any shape. Although I knew that this mould is new, but the old wood attracted me more.

And glad that I still keep some fish -- made of bone -- I bought in Legian, Bali. I kept them for a long time not knowing what to do.

This morning I saw both items could go together nicely. I like working with wire, soft and hard.

In this piece of artwork, the wire is "the current". The red fish on top is “the engine of life”, the two blue ones in the base are "the symbol of depth and calmness", and the two yellow ones are “the dynamic”. The blue one on the handle is “the whole calm fish” and the green geometric is “the nature”.

Enjoy the fish of life!

Date: 1 July 2006 13:38


belinha said...

Beautifullobject that you made MAN!I saw the red drawing of a face in the thumbnail and suddenly I thought that you were a WOMAN!Ehehehe!:-)

Saxman said...

That's a really cool artwork. As a fish, I can say that we have many colors and moods, and you captured the essence(s)

Robyn said...

Hima, this is like deja vu.
I love old worn wood, carved or not. I use fish symbols in my carvings and I avoid using hearts. I add tiny glass beads to my carvings and old rusted nails, tacks or brass fittings. Having read hundreds of artists blogs I'm thrilled to find someone who loves old wood like I do. The fish mould is so beautiful.