...art is a by-product of the experience of being with yourself, of living within patience. -- Robert Beer


Fish in Me

It always started with an interesting picture. This time I found a full face of a real fish, very red and almost cover whole page. Very impressive. It took time for me to ‘include’ this big head in a piece of artwork.

I started drawing… a horse! Yea.. let me guide you.. It’s a horse! I’m not good in drawing so I better lead your imagination to not think of other animal. Ha ha..

Why horse? I like cow, but shape didn’t fit. What other popular animal? Horse is popular, but it’s my year too..
So perfect!

I did a lot of cutting to make the horse looked more horse. I was afraid I ended up cutting the fish because the horse got smaller. I was disturbed by the “black socks” – end of the picture – that I could not avoid. My horse has to wear black socks.

I chose stripe tail and let the end loose. Then I covered one sock with grass. Not so nice composition but.. from a distance.. mm I quite like it.

Enjoy the fish in me..

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Saxman said...

Hm, a fish in a horse, it seems to be a strong bond... nice!