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Sweet Dreams

Inspire Me Thursday: Image Transfers

I was happy to learn about sticky tape collage in IMT. I was a bit nervous about inkjet image transfer because of the use of gel medium. I am novice.

I remembered practicing this technique thirty years ago (?!!!) in school but I could not recall the result would be. So I made a trial before started the real page. And it’s funny, my trial tape was not successful. I didn’t know how to ‘scratch’ well to get transparent image. But I just went on..

I chose image for the base first. I chose picture of an empty room with two doors. I printed my young face (from the day I learned the technique??) and my favorite image of myself, painting of a Bali girl.

I used narrow packing tape, local brand (not 3M) to make the transparent image strips which I took from an interior magazine. First strip is image of an artist’s desk. I liked the atmosphere in the room, very me -- desk with creative mess. Second strip is image of an interesting red curtain. Again, very me. Vintage. Bohemian.

I soaked both strips in water for 20 minutes. The longer the easier to take off the paper without much damaging the surface (the transparent image). It took awhile for me to get the feel of peeling off the paper under water.

I was satisfied with the result. It looked natural with chip here and there. I loved to know that the image colors really transferred to the tape. Brilliant idea!!

I arranged both transparent image strips onto the page. I showed the Bali girl painting in the window of the strip with desk. The painting shows very well. Then I put my image on the floor near one door. I gave color to the page by putting red curtain strip on the left hand side. Perfect.

I liked the effect of the plastic tape, shiny. The tips said that we can sandpaper the tape to make it dull, but for me.. this is new. Different shine in a page. So I keep the shine.

Two words completed the page. SWEET and DREAMS.

I’m satisfied with the result. The empty room, the two doors, my image and ‘image’, and the dreams I have..

Sweet dreams..


nirmala said...

wow himavant u did a grt job ...really sweet..

Turquoise CRO said...

I ADORE THIS!!! You have a SWEET face! I am always saying Sweet Dreams! I cannot EXPRESS how much I LOVE this art piece himavant!!! xo ps. don't forget to kiss Chiko for me tonight! and Sweet Dreams! to both of you!

belinha said...

Indeed you made a good job.But I did not uderstand exactely how you did it...Never mind!:-)

Kala said...

A great image, well done. You should give the gel medium a go too, it's easier than you think!

Mauricio said...


I hate Photoshop!!!!

Well, just a little. I can´t make anymore a natural media...

miriam said...

I love the thought behind this and how you shared it with us...and I love the piece!

Nicole said...

Lovely image and thought process behind it!