...art is a by-product of the experience of being with yourself, of living within patience. -- Robert Beer



Inspire Me Thursday: Paints

I’m late for this week’s challenge in IMT. Paints. I’m not into painting. I thought thought thought till I found watercolor-pencil in an office supplies shop last Monday. Hm.. this is technology that didn’t exist in my childhood days.

I was reading O magazine when I remembered that I hadn't answered this challenge. I got an idea. I enjoy my sketch recently, even I keep the cut-outs because I like the shape. I keep my style; magazine page plus collage. I chose one page and started to sketch the fat lady who's trying to pull the pipe. I ‘sketched’ using the watercolor-pencil and brushed her unevenly. I’m happy. The colors look alive! I would like to explore more of this pencil.

I didn’t glue all surface, so the cut-out looks alive, two dimensional.

Please help her… Uuugh!

LaNación - Collaboration with Fiestoforo

Newspapers from Chile
with Krakatoa in Indonesia as background.
Please view unique artwork of Fiestoforo.

Stay Calm

Keep The Shape

The lady wears McQueen's work. She has to keep her shape.


L o

Elements of Desire

Unblock me..

Studio Friday: Artist's Block

This is a product of artist's block. It took me unusually long to make such simple cut.

This is how I usually spend time when I feel blocked. I have stacks of magz around me; under the table, on the table, all over carpet,... I keep moving, but I can also curl up in couch.

But one thing for sure.. I will not let the feeling blocks for days, let alone months.. :-)


Too many choices..

Misplaced Closet

I need privacy please..

It is a 'collaboration' with McD ad..


I use picture of a monk in Tibet as background. I found nice 'writing' in a carpet ad that matches the theme. It says (not in original order, with alteration):

And life you feel
so full of bounce
you're walking
on clouds

Nothing else can
reach the heights
of comfort like the
n o w


e a v e s d r o p


Oh oh.. there's no way!!

Illustration Friday: Run

What about the window?



Don't squeeze me!!


I'm happy with my size and shape.
I don't need CoverMe perfect face mask.


Hold on..

Aah.. you fall asleep again!


Felt So Good

Studio Friday: Who!?

This week’s challenge is “Who!?”. Who inspired us, who we thank for inspiring us. Interesting.

I could say that LIFE has inspired most of my artworks. It’s not necessarily my life, but it could also be life of loved ones or people I met thru the walk of life. I learn a lot from people and their life. Anything can be inspiring.

Today I was inspired by my yoga pose. I enjoy this pose so much that I could do longer than other pose although research says that this pose is not good for woman’s womb. Sometimes it’s just nice to be upside down, like seeing life the other way.

Offbeat but… I felt so good.

Welcome home, dear!

Nothing is better than being greeted by loved one..


I'm waiting..

Waiting is boring. Even the lady needs Fun-Mask Clown happy face lotion :-)


This guy-like-woman tries to find way to leave. Even she has to hold the door handle in such way..

Make outside jealous.

Illustration Friday: Match


Treat Me Well

Some nice things are too good to be true..


Sunny Day

..having capu on terrace after stuffy lunch.

Support The Balance

Portrait of a woman. Do acrobatic to support the balance..


Dessert in Desert Island

Studio Friday: Dessert Island

Studio Friday challenges us to serve dessert in desert island after selected three things from studio last week.

I serve fruits, of course, and the rest look too ambitious: tofu ice cream, pie, and chocolate on boat. After fruit -- there is another 'local made' dish -- bubur (porridge) which can be cooked using simple utensils. In Java we make flavored bubur for dessert. It is made of flour, not rice, and served with melted palm sugar.

Enjoy the dessert!


unDer Control

Telephone is a big control nowadays. It controls activities and changes mood at the same time :-)

Daun / Leaf

Inspire Me Thursday: Open Challenge

I still have problem with uploading pictures in Blogger so I use this slideshow instead.

I was challenged to try a new medium. It’s perfect because I have a leaf I fetched from my Papua supplier’s trash bin in Kuta – Bali. It was half burned. I slipped it in between papers for a few weeks till it dries.

The leaf gives me idea to picture a Javanese lady who uses banana leaf or any large leaf to shade self from sun, even from rain. The lady wears Javanese outfit -- typical outfit worn in kampong.

Enjoy the large red daun!


DNA Dina

Today is my Sis birthday. I made the collage based on her picture I found in Mama's album in my last trip to Malang.

She had long wavy thick hair and was always braided. I cannot guess how old she was..

I like her smile!


I cannot see my reflection..

Leave it behind!

It’s nice to dream to have a nice body. But that’s not real. Let’s put the dream behind..


Kekenyangan / Too Full

This chair is special. “Sitting Bull” is designed by a Swedish designer.

I picture myself sitting in the chair. It must be cozy nice. The lady pictures my feeling these days.. FULL! Even a cup of coffee could make me feel full and ‘big’…

Get Set

one business is over
new issue is waiting
get ready get set


Illustration Friday: Play



shadows & light
bring dynamic
reveal the cloud


..don't have to be perfect to be perfect.

Again, I studied how to cut like Matisse -- no curvy cut. It is not easy. I keep the head curvy and it looks nice with slightly 'sharp' body.

My effort and the slogan of the champagne get along well...


All for Art

Studio Friday: Desert Island

This week challenge is really challenging. We have to imagine to live in a desert island where we are allowed to bring only three items from our studio.

If I could, my three items would be: laptop computer so I can blog and get connected with loved ones, digital camera so I can share my visual experience, and PDA which I don’t really need if I have the computer. But of course I cannot take all those three. No WiFi in desert island so.. drop the idea!

I turn to traditional equipments to ‘art survive’ in desert island. First, I need the lantern to help me busy after dark. Then scissors and/or knife to make artwork with whatever I find in the island. It could be leaves, wood, or anything. My art could be a collage on leaves or 3-D artwork like installation. After stunning surroundings: a white beach, magnificent trees, waterfalls, no poisonous insect on it (as promised by Tine); creating artwork is all we would do :-)

Other Element

celebration of art
should be timeless
without brake



Time to search
Way to find
Like to think


I found my Henri Matisse small book this morning. I browsed and mesmerized by his work. Matisse always reminded me of impressionism, I forgot that his cut-outs work is naïve. Even maestro made collage!

Here is to Matisse with Mongolian horsemen back, watching wrestling match in the northern province of Arhangai.


R o c k e t

I admired fashion designer’s work. The idea, the creation, and the way to present the work to its fans. It’s a lot of work and time consumed.

I dress Arthur Mitchell, dancer, with designer’s work. Arm cuff by Fendi, top by Cavalli, skirts by D&G and McQueen, handbag by Fendi, and boots by Gaultier.

Haiga: Smile

I asked a friend to share me a haiku so I can practice to make a Haiga. Haiga is an illustration of a haiku as an artistic expression of the spirit of the haiku’s feeling. Or, an illustration that complements and responds to the haiku.

Haiku is small poetry form with about eight to twelve words in three short lines. This poem can say important things about how we feel about what we see around us. Haiku was invented hundreds of years ago in Japan.

My friend is in holiday. I guess this is the feeling. I hope I have captured the feeling right. The pink and blue dogs, the favorite red chair, and the misplaced palm trees (the place looks like treeless savanna).


Blu Spotlight

Studio Friday: Your Creativity Roots

Your creativity roots. It took me more than five days to think about what to create. I was in travel that I could not print my father’s, my root, picture. Even then I did not have idea how to ‘present’ the picture.

I’m lucky this evening. I printed pictures of Papa and me cropped from a family picture back in 1970s. We are small family, only my big sis and me, four of us. I got my art from Papa side. Many family members from his side become professional artists (painting and sculpting).

My sister is also good with her hands (cooking, crocheting, golfing?), none of us do art professionally. I have ‘eyes’ for art to select art objects for my two art shops. I felt enough until recently I thought I wanted to create art myself. Blucolage is the start.



Illustration Friday: Capture

Capture the moment..

Time Out

Inspire Me Thursday: Black & White

Again, it’s about life of a woman. She dreams to have “time out”.


Cold Ubud

I’m in Ubud now. It was cold when I came yesterday afternoon. I felt freezing although sun was bright.

I felt like going pale white standing by the blue swimming pool in front of my room. I wore thicker top and jeans (and had pashmina on the left hand) when went to have dinner in the evening.

In the background is clipping from ad newspaper about places I often went: Indian Delites (Indian resto), Jazz Café, and Café des Artistes.

Indonesia is celebrating its Independence Day in August and Ubud will hold Ubud Writers and Readers Festival in September.

It’s all about Ubud.


Strange Slogan

Again, this is product of an ad magazine in Bali. This magazine is full of noise, shouts out loud, and.. has strange slogan!

S t a r

This is my first cutter-cut drawing on paper. It’s not easy to do. I had to hold the paper very firm, also the cutter, to get nice steady lines. As I did on bathroom mirror in my hotel bedroom, cutting was tougher :-)

Enjoy Bintang (= star) beer!

Bali On The Move

I clipped this piece from an ad magazine I got from Made’s Warung, Seminyak. There is a lot of ad magazines, thick, good printing, and free.

I went thru all pages which all about fun in Bali. I could feel the beat, the life, but.. looking at the streets and shops? Empty. Bali is quiet this summer.