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It feels like home..

Inspire Me Thursday: Numeral Art

This week challenge is Numeral Art. Very very unusual and interesting. I was eager to start creating since I checked the theme. I started to think about the number.

Like others, I have lots of number in mind. I chose one that came first, 37. My home and shop number!! Very real, very now.

I had started browsing my Indonesian magazines since last night. I have some travel and art magazines. I don’t read Indonesian woman magazines (I read… when in salon ha ha). Perfect! I found a lot of picture with cultural touch. Yes! I have made a lot of artworks with.. Swedish touch. I like simplicity but ethnic can be nice too for a change.

I didn’t want to cut an image to form numbers 3 and 7. That’s ordinary. I wanted something else and I found both numbers in dancer poses!

The girl represents 3. She wears Betawi (an ethic group in Jakarta) costume which influenced by Chinese.

And the man represents 7. He wears common Indonesian costume for man. Why is it common? Because many ethnic groups wear similar style combined with batik (shown) or other region textile. He wears big stone ring -- the style of old Indonesian man. If image is sharp enough, you can see cotter pins instead of buttons.

I put the image of Gedong Songo temple in Ambarawa, Central Java, in the corner. The image looks familiar, like home. All three images were done on sticky tape.

I put my words in kidnapper’s font. It’s not a poem, it’s just words..

Finally, why did I choose the image of drawers for background? It feels like home!


belinha said...

You have a shop!:-)

Teri C said...

Wonderfully creative and well-thought out.

melanienyc said...

wow this is cool...great idea. v. creative & meaningful.