...art is a by-product of the experience of being with yourself, of living within patience. -- Robert Beer



This is my second study on human body. I’m interested in cutting human body since started doing collage but I haven't done well so far (any style). I need more exercise to picture body in good proportion or.. nicely deconstruction (small head, big body, or reverse).

For pop art, I wanted to create ‘funky’ style body. But it doesn’t come easy because I have realist mind; that body should follow the proportion of a real body. I tried to think outside the box by playing with size (over or less) and adhering the body parts not in ‘good order’ (deconstructing). My first trial, Lovely Short, looked successful. I could capture my hair style and my style.

Please take a lot of liquid especially when you are not well.

Water Wine Whatever


belinha said...

Hello!Well, about collaboration, this what I did: after my friends choose a collage I sent them the the file they liked.They worked on the file and then sent it back to me.Then I published it.Easy!Have a good weekend!

belinha said...

No, no more digital works or collage in the next days.My back, shoulder and neck are hurting a lot.I think it's bad posture.I'm planning a day at the beach,some lazy hours in the sun might do me some good!:-)