...art is a by-product of the experience of being with yourself, of living within patience. -- Robert Beer


Bricolage: Dress Me Up


- brass gecko
- replica of Majapahit bead and processed seed beads
- black cord


Mojokerto in East Java is known for its metal casting. The craftsmen recycle old kitchen utensils and home wares (some stuffs have really nice shape.. with patina of course) to make new shape of art like this gecko. Also many sculptors have their artworks cast in the area.

The replica of Majapahit beads are made in the same area, in the next village about 90 km to west. I found it interesting to create an artwork using both materials from the same area but have different spirit. The gecko is pop-art and the beads still have the old touch of the original beads from Majapahit era.

Don’t undress me..

Date: 2 July 2006 19:23


arvindh said...

YOu are doing an amazing job as an artist! Fatastic!

Saxman said...

I'm really blown away by the picture of your finished artwork of the gecko against the orange background, wow! I like it very much...