...art is a by-product of the experience of being with yourself, of living within patience. -- Robert Beer


Shoo shoo..

Inspire Me Thursday: Child's Play

Interesting topic about using children’s art material. I have fluorescent oil pastel and colored pencil. I tried the former but I found out oil pastel doesn’t do well in magz paper. Sure, it’s glossy page. I ironed the excess but then I ruined the tracing paper I used to print a picture. For the first time I had to trash the 70% artwork. I learned tho.

Then I sketched again, I chose gecko this time. The past few days I used tracing paper for sketching. It’s easy to do cutting because the paper is transparent. I sketched using automatic pencil I bought the other day. This pencil is special because using colored lead, six colors, and the size is 0.7 – very soft. I like it because it has nicer effect than using the usual black lead.

I looked again my sketch and I liked it! I didn’t want to cut. So I worked more on the lines and fill up the blank with more colors. I made tiny tiny circles along the body instead of just coloring. The circles may not show in the picture. I really enjoyed doing it – like meditation by doing repetition on and on and on. I’m satisfied with the result. It looks like I used colored pencil (the usual type). The good thing about automatic pencil is.. ever sharp!

I made collage of frightened girl standing on a chair trying to shoo away the gecko..

Shoo shoo..

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Loca said...

Like the final result, it's great!