...art is a by-product of the experience of being with yourself, of living within patience. -- Robert Beer


Let's have lunch!

I study more about human body in this collage. I captured my good friends’ character in different way – not the face part, but other parts. Lower body, shoes, and handbag.

I sketched each body in separate tracing paper. Then I compared the bodies to make sure I made the right proportion. The rest was fun – searching the right material for their stuff.

The one in white cropped pants – RIT – has been in my life more than four years. She is like sister to me. So dear. She never changes – always in white (with orange sometimes). And the black one – AMA – is always in black anytime, any weather. Her sling handbag is small for she likes to have her hands free. The similar two with skirt are NIE and I. We have skirts from the same shop so we have similar style, even we have similar shoes. PEN is always in light color pants and black thong sandal and carries small textile handbag.

I have known these ladies more than two years from the art group in Heritage. I met them almost every other Friday to visit artist or exhibition. I fixed painting by Agus Suwage, our favorite artist from Yogya, in a black lunch plate with chips and beans. It’s a perfect way to picture our relationships -- finish the art thing and..

Let’s have lunch!

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miragee said...

That's a super duper lovely way to express your like for those friends! I really enjoy looking at your collages. They are so interesting and agreeable. Keep up the good work and I'll come back on a regular basis!