...art is a by-product of the experience of being with yourself, of living within patience. -- Robert Beer


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Illustration Friday: Sacrifice

This week’s IF theme is challenging: Sacrifice. There’s only one idea that popped up since last night – life of a mother. I didn’t want to think further, I better stuck to the initial idea. I started sketching.

Again, Belinha inspired me. She often has small pieces in her artwork. I challenged my patience this morning to do the same. I decided to give the mother three kids!! Five is perfect but… that’s beyond my limit ha ha.

I almost lost patience half way. Finding the right color for element was time consuming, although that is the art and the fun!! I got bored looking at my magazine’s torn pages.

I was happy after finishing the third kid. Pheeew! I felt like I raised the kids myself. Chaos. I used gold and silver pens to dramatize the scene. Satisfied. It looks a bit different than my previous artworks although one can still see the red thread (in fact, I wanted to go out of my style. Cannot!)

I respect the role of mother. She dedicates all of her time for family, especially for the children. She put herself after her family.

It’s almost 16:00, kids are in the kitchen. They are all over places in different moods. Mother comes with ‘light’. Children are like plants. They need to be looked after to grow well.

Mother deserves golden glitter for releasing her time for others.

Her sacrifice.


AscenderRisesAbove said...

A wonderful tribute to mothers

pangolin said...

So fresh. So funny. So accurate. Sometimes this is my life.

untamechildofnature said...

It's so true and genuine. I'm totally agreed with you.

Lady Guedes said...

That's so original! Congratulations!

belinha said...

I like your stick transfer experiences too!Well, "yellow speech" does not mean bad breath.Sometimes it's difficult to translate the original sentence.In portuguese we say riso(laugh)amarelo(yellow)=an hypocrite laugh.My illustration plays with that idea.But I wanted to stretch it because I was thinking about what comes from our head not from our heart.The woman has an empty head and the hand is making her shut her mouth, as to order her to think before she speaks, to clean her thoughts and mind and ideas,so they become white, there is true, genuine, not yellow,dyed...

Well, the heat wave is still on, 37º for today.It's hell...

Mauricio said...


Good!! every day better.

hi Belinha!

The yelloy laugh of mona lisa????

belinha said...

I wish, I wish I could travel to Bali!Or elsewere!But I'm cash flat!:-( I can't travel now and I really miss it although the far I went till this day was Istambul.If I had a lot of money I would spent it travelling!It's the best thing in the world!
I don't know about writing explanations because it's ok to find an explanation by ourselves.You don't need to see things as I do...I think that is good to be left free to find an interpretation.The problem was not in the illustration, it was in the translation of title to english.I think that Maurício did not have any problem because he speaks the same language as me.But it's ok, really!:-)

georg said...

Funny and very creative. Yes, you're right, sometimes motherhood could be like a sacrifice.

But! We must remember ourselves. Remember to rest, remember talking to other grown-ups, remember to look at the news, making art, reading books - or whatelse we love. (Call for the father or grandparents.) Else we suddenly can stand and say to our young children: "I have sacrificed all my life, stay at home!" And that's not good.

I think, we as parents shall be roll-models for our children, and a good model is to use our lives for what we love, trying to get a great life with our beloved.

Kaya said...

This is so original and different, great style!

Marie said...

Great interpretation of the theme. Being a mother is the hardest yet most wonderful thing I have ever done.
Sounds like you know that too.

intruso said...


Ouissi Gresty said...

This is so unusual...fabulous!

Ouissi x