...art is a by-product of the experience of being with yourself, of living within patience. -- Robert Beer


sticky hands

Illustration Friday: Sticky

This is my first entry for Illustration Friday. It took me days to dig my creativity with sticky concept.

I kept connoting sticky with sticky hands; like dirty hands from eating. It brought me to the idea to make two hands dirty from eating. The one with crab and the other with red veggie. The black splash emphasizes the stickiness of both hands.

I suffered severe headache when I did this piece. But I could not stop because the idea was flowing. I didn’t stick the page well. It shows bubbles here and there. Now it looks like the two hands roaming water.

Anyway, that adds the stickiness feeling to the artwork.

Enjoy sticky hands!


HARDWAX said...

You have a unique eye. Fascinating and absorbing piece.

belinha said...

Beautifull collages!I can't choose between one or another!I like both!Well, you gave me the idea to look after some interfaces with motion.I saw it first on your blog.The cube is nice and easy to create.

arvindh said...

Hey this is a good one again! YOu are doing a great job with this blog! Looking forward to seeing more of your creativity!

Mauricio said...

Good, good, good!!!