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Scrap Art: Photo in Frame

Inspire Me Thursday: In Good Time

I was excited to do this week’s challenge “in good time”. At first I was thinking about creating art in ‘good time’ (= good mood) but hey… it’s about ‘reasonable amount of time’.

That’s perfect! I had delayed homework. I want to give my staff’s girl, Lita, a 1st-birthday gift. I have a nice photo of her that I made about a month after she was born. She was a beautiful baby. Very peaceful. I like the photo very much that I liked to show to everybody.

I already had the frame and plan in mind. And 30 minutes was just the right amount of time I needed to finish the project. But collecting scrap to use in project needed longer time.. I guess we could not create a project from zero in 30 minutes. I believed I spent some 20 minutes to dig my drawers to find small pieces. Digging needs creativity too!

I opened my torn Newsweek again to find nice words for the frame. Again I chose Newsweek for its paper characteristic, thin but strong. I decided to put Inaugural 2005 (from Bush reportage) on left top; then I found peace which is perfect for her expression (left bottom); then Jesus for she was born in good Catholic family (right bottom); and finally photo of a line of laundry to ‘remind’ her of her womanhood and for fun (right top). Just before I closed the Bush pages, I read has big dreams in nice right-size font and color (center bottom). And of course, as my signature, the “kidnapper’s font” of her name.

Frame done. I sewed four colorful paper clips to remind her of education (I left the last one dangling). Then a Rupiah coin launched in 2005 (the year she was born) and a Hongkong coin (I didn’t have time to find Yuan, but Hongkong is China now.. anyway). Why is China coin? It says “learn as far as China” to ensure her to spread her wings. Then on the right bottom I fixed a game token -- I found in my pocket years ago -- to remind her to play. So I hope I have covered all ‘messages’ about life as a woman.

Finally, I wrote a short birthday note in the back. I timed my project, less than 30 minutes. Yay!

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