...art is a by-product of the experience of being with yourself, of living within patience. -- Robert Beer


Clip Art: Harsh News

The idea came just before I heard about my uncle. I was idle waiting for mood to shower. I opened the already torn Newsweek again. This magazine was particularly unique, I found a lot of hard expression. I’m not sure whether in this edition only, or any Newsweek is similar. I’m not the reader.

So I cut cut cut.. Then I got the bad news. I continued cutting and shaping while thinking about what to do because it was almost midnight. In less than 25 minutes I had started to layout. I closed the book and continued to do this afternoon.

I applied a new method. I glued the clipping on a colored sheet. It went curly after I finished gluing all. Ugh. I pressed it under a stack of paper for awhile to straighten. It worked fine. Then I attached it to the notebook using wide double-tape instead of glue. I’m happy with the result. It stays straight flat and stiff. That’s perfect. Now I learned a new way to get better result when using glue. Combine with double-tape.


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