...art is a by-product of the experience of being with yourself, of living within patience. -- Robert Beer


Art Journal: Kaki Topangku

Inspire Me Thursday: Show and Tell Art

The SHOW is shown in slideshow. Below is the TELL:

1/10 The blank first page: I bought this spiral notebook at Borders Singapore just after I had PLV. I planned to make art-journal of PLV visitors. I just made six lay-outs but never finished the work. I stopped tracking down PLV’s visitors either.

2/10 Lay outing papers: I printed Ubudblu header on orange paper and tore the edge, then print my feet Photoshop-picture I made two weeks ago. Chose more recycled papers for background. Placed the lay-out draft.

3/10 Lay outing things: I checked my sewing kit drawer and was mesmerized by stuffs I collected from many travels. Bags of stone for necklace. Strings of beads in my colors. Lots of strings (many sizes and colors), wire in colors, elastic, and more materials. Tools! (at least four types of pliers). Oh. Where was I?

4/10 Smiley pin: I found this pin among the rubble in the drawer. I decided to fix it on band that ties the notebook. To remind me to always smile.

5/10 Book cover: Yes, the cover looks the same as the inside pages. It should be nice to have decorated cover but I save it for later. Long term project.

6/10 Close up header: That’s the final look of the header. I put stitched badge in the shape of universe with a little alien (me) on top. I had it for torn jeans but never had time to fix (better bought new jeans he he). Universe symbolizes “my world”, Ubudblu. I also drew a blue star. I am the star.

7/10 Sewn sand-beads: I sewn four tiny beads in four corners of my feet picture to look like nails. I chose four prime colors: blue, orange, red, and green.

8/10 Sewn (hook-n-)eye: I found an eye (without its hook) in thread box. I decided to sew it in the header as my “eye”. I fixed one side only so it dangles; meaning my eye should be free to see.

9/10 Title “Kaki Topangku”: I wrote “kaki topangku” using fluorescent oil pastel I bought at Spotlight Singapore. First time I saw fluorescent pastel. It does well in artwork because the color comes out. I also scribbled on the picture side to give effect to the whole composition (if I did right). Finally, I wrote the title of the artwork (same “Kaki Topangku”) using 2B pencil on left down corner. I put dates too! Like an artwork he he.

10/10 Finished page: That’s how it looks from distance. I was not happy when I saw the picture but after four hours now.. I like it more! It took me about 50 minutes to create: from lay-out to finish. Not bad for first page eh?

By the way, why Kaki Topangku? Literal meaning: (My) feet my support. I respect this part of body which supports the rest of the body and maintains balance when standing and walking. Keywords: self support and balance.

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