...art is a by-product of the experience of being with yourself, of living within patience. -- Robert Beer


Documentary Art: Blogg

Yea.. strange term: Documentary Art. The term popped up when I thought that Clip Art is not the exact term for this art.

Last April, a good friend told me about The Economist did a special report on new media. I bought the magazine and really liked the report. It’s a comprehensive report on interactive journalism, wikipedia, podcasting, and for sure.. blogging.

I kept thinking about archiving the news because it is so revolutionary. It marks history. This clip art idea helped me. I turned the archiving into something nice to see and enjoy while I could still read the report. Not all of course but the main one that closes to my life.. blogging. Ten years from now, I believe, we would see this report with different point of view. Perhaps it comes as soon as five years as technology developed fast.

I made this piece of work different than others. It has flipped side. Space was too small for the info only, so I added folded extra to do the art. The idea worked very well. To add dimension, I glued my expired Singapore cellphone chip on the page. It will remind me of the place I made the artwork.

This time I realized that smearing glue is an art itself. Papers go curly and flexible. It wrinkles sometimes, or cannot be straight because of its softness. Ugh.. I worked extra careful to create smooth straight result. I’m not that successful tho.. some parts wrinkled and bended. I also don’t like to see the tiny gap between two clips. I found it hard to make it close and straight. My perfectionism. My only soothing words is...
It’s handmade!!

Enjoy blogging!!

24.6.06 7:58 Shavilla

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Mauricio said...


Your article is very interesting, and the artwork is very nice and original!

I want to thank you for include my blog in your inspiring blogs' list.

In spite of the geographic distance it is very nice to see works of talent people like you.

From Brazil,