...art is a by-product of the experience of being with yourself, of living within patience. -- Robert Beer


Art Journal: The Buyer

I didn’t intend to do an artwork today, although I intended. ??!???!? This way, I planned to make an artwork but I had no idea. I got the idea when I cleaned up bedroom. It started when I found a name-badge given at the craft fair last week when I went with three ladies. We had to register under a company name, so everybody was FRA’s employee ha ha.

What’s so special about the name-badge? It said BUYER. I just liked the idea. I collected more papers that could go with the ‘buyer’. Again from cleaning, I found recycled paper ex gift wrap from a good friend. Then I tore my favorite dark choco wrap which I found half bar inside one handbag (yes, I have treasure inside handbags).

Started with three materials, I dug my magazine-to-go pile. I chose Newsweek for I liked the characteristic of its paper. Thin but strong. I had other reason too. Then I browsed the pages, thinking about making ‘kidnapper font’ out of the pages.

I chose “Signal Lost” because of its big font but I liked the words too. Nice wording for ‘base’. Then “meet the voice”. Mm ya, I also cut out four letters to form “ONLY”. The word goes well with the notion of “buyer”. Base done: name-badge, choco wrap, and kidnapper’s font.

And just before I started to lay out, I found a little message I got from inside a fortune cookie at Marriott’s sidewalk coffeeshop in Singapore in December 2004. I kept it for so long unintentionally and.. intentionally. It’s interesting because it says “The root of your true love will spring from a friendship.” With smiley too.. I put small golden cotter pin on it.. to secure its existence. Smile.

This time I glued all surface to get thin flat artwork. I like recycled paper’s furry edge so I rarely glued it. Notebook’s paper is good, not thick but thick enough for scrapping. I made one mistake tho, I didn’t smear enough glue in the center of the yellow paper on top. Uh.. It bubbles now. I left center space empty for future material. Ongoing artwork..

But I have decided on the title .t.h.e.b.u.y.e.r. And what a nice date today 16.6.06.

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