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Illustration Friday: Capture

Capture the moment..


belinha said...

I like the collage woman dreaming with some time out!Yestarday I went to the beach but today I must stay at home and do some work!Can't have time out!!!I'm glad you've enjoyed Mauricio's touch!I looks pretty good!(What is a "pasmina"?!!I read it in your post and got curious!)Have a nice Sunday!

Mauricio said...

Hi my friend!!!!

Belinha. Smuackkkkkk!!!

Hey Hima you stay made collage a lot, and everyone are very, very good!

You are great!

Hugs from Rio,

belinha said...

I posted in Ubudlu...

claudine hellmuth said...

very nice collage!

belinha said...


I discovered that "angora" can be made from rabbitt hair!(see above)I think that this might be pashmina...So today I discovered that there are rabbit and goat angora!!!!!Eehehheh!

A few months ago I knew that we have a factory that makes hats from rabbitt skin.Until then I thought of rabbit only to eat!!!!These hats are so well made that Queen of England and Bush are clients.(But portuguese rabbit are not "angora")

Strange posts...

belinha said...

The source of pashmina...is a GOAT!eheheheheh!(I'm having fun...)

"Pashmina is a textile which became popular in the West in the late 1990s. It is very soft and warm, and used primarily in scarves and shawls. The word is derived from the Persian word pashm, which refers to the undercoat of fur on many animals - in this case, the goat.

Pashmina is usually made with wool from the underbelly of the Himalayan goat. Pure pashmina scarves and shawls are available, though many people find them too coarse or rough. A softening process is used by some manufacturers dealing in 100% pashmina. This process gives the pashmina a soft, almost silken quality. Because of the softness of processed pahmina garments, pure pashmina will often be referred to as cashmere. However, pashmina is slightly different — and it comes from Tibet, not Kashmir."

belinha said...

Ahh!Ithink we call "caxemira" to that fabric!Not ANGORA!:-)

The End!!!