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Daun / Leaf

Inspire Me Thursday: Open Challenge

I still have problem with uploading pictures in Blogger so I use this slideshow instead.

I was challenged to try a new medium. It’s perfect because I have a leaf I fetched from my Papua supplier’s trash bin in Kuta – Bali. It was half burned. I slipped it in between papers for a few weeks till it dries.

The leaf gives me idea to picture a Javanese lady who uses banana leaf or any large leaf to shade self from sun, even from rain. The lady wears Javanese outfit -- typical outfit worn in kampong.

Enjoy the large red daun!


daw said...

Nice contrast to the scissors and furniture of some of your earlier collages: soothing and vibrant nature

miragee said...

I love the texture of the leaf. This is a lovely illo!

~Gina said...

What a great idea! I love it!