...art is a by-product of the experience of being with yourself, of living within patience. -- Robert Beer


Haiga: Smile

I asked a friend to share me a haiku so I can practice to make a Haiga. Haiga is an illustration of a haiku as an artistic expression of the spirit of the haiku’s feeling. Or, an illustration that complements and responds to the haiku.

Haiku is small poetry form with about eight to twelve words in three short lines. This poem can say important things about how we feel about what we see around us. Haiku was invented hundreds of years ago in Japan.

My friend is in holiday. I guess this is the feeling. I hope I have captured the feeling right. The pink and blue dogs, the favorite red chair, and the misplaced palm trees (the place looks like treeless savanna).


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belinha said...

I enjoyed learning about Haiku!I have a certain interest in everything that's japanese...

I felt so ignorant about pashmina...My mother used to make clothes so I know a bit about fabric...but I was on the dark on this one!

The music in the video: Tindersticks are probably my favourite band.They´re british and their music is rather sad but beautifull.