...art is a by-product of the experience of being with yourself, of living within patience. -- Robert Beer


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Studio Friday: Your Creativity Roots

Your creativity roots. It took me more than five days to think about what to create. I was in travel that I could not print my father’s, my root, picture. Even then I did not have idea how to ‘present’ the picture.

I’m lucky this evening. I printed pictures of Papa and me cropped from a family picture back in 1970s. We are small family, only my big sis and me, four of us. I got my art from Papa side. Many family members from his side become professional artists (painting and sculpting).

My sister is also good with her hands (cooking, crocheting, golfing?), none of us do art professionally. I have ‘eyes’ for art to select art objects for my two art shops. I felt enough until recently I thought I wanted to create art myself. Blucolage is the start.


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Thanks for sharing your roots. So many great stories to read this week!