...art is a by-product of the experience of being with yourself, of living within patience. -- Robert Beer


SP: Multi-facets Woman

This is my first commissioned artwork. My good friend END happily challenged me to make a collage for her best friend, SP, who lives in Bali. I took the challenge. I finished the work this morning, 24.9.06, but can only show the work after the birthday on the 27th.

I started from zero. It happened that I got an idea about a style to picture life of a woman the night before (shown in artwork below). As I only met SP once, very shortly, and talked about nothing but her work; I know nothing about her. The style suits the idea of ‘describing’ her in an artwork.

I interviewed END for hours about SP. I noted down some thirty aspects about SP. I knew, END had no clue about what I was going to do with the information. She must have thought that I would cut body of a woman with many hands depicting her interests :-) Yes, this woman is.. a multi-facets woman.

Let me help you to ‘read’ the 16 symbols in the collage:

She designs accessories using fine silver and semi precious stone.
She is a web designer, likes to wear sleeveless top, and smokes a lot.
She enjoys coloring hair.
She is a speedy driver.
She designs batik-clothing including kebaya.
She likes horror movie with blood, not just scary scene.
She dives, as professional I guess.
She takes time to put on make-up.
She concerns about her body therefore she is a weight watcher.
She likes salad.
She likes dogs and now owns an all-white dog.
She is crazy about coffee.
She likes photography, so I guess she is also crazy about anything digital.
Peace is her life mission.
She writes short stories.
She is born in pig year.

After a long list of her interests, can you imagine how she looks like? She is a tiny lady with high energy who does not like people who underestimate her capability. Very understandable. She has big engine inside.

Happy birthday SP! Wonderful woman you are..

As of my first client END, she texted me “Client pertama puazzzz!!”


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tolelojing said...


you really can describe your bad qualities, but i guess its up to people hw they see yr good ones.

thankyou E, thankyou hima
you guys just make my day!