...art is a by-product of the experience of being with yourself, of living within patience. -- Robert Beer


Plug Into Ubud Art

Studio Friday: TOOT YOUR OWN HORN... LOUD!

I’m born in a family where many relatives are professional artists. I shared about my family in Your Creativity Roots challenge – Blu Spotlight.

I run two art shops in Jakarta and Ubud – center of art in Bali. That’s canal of my art, through my eyes. I only started to make collage three months ago. I like this form of art. It suits my ‘span of attention’ and time. I’m thinking to do more serious collage using stuffs I found in junk shop or.. my house. I have started but stopped after five artworks. Please check my
tresor trové.

Today I’m leaving for Ubud to participate in Ubud Writers and Readers Festival for five days. I would plug into Ubud art..


Tine said...

I love your collages so much, there is always so much to discover and think about! So beautiful! I LOVE the face in the plug. I am curious where it is from...???
Your tresor trove is amazing, too!!!! You toot very nicely!

Have a great weekend, too ;-)

Molly Simmons said...

Cool collage and BRAVO! on the sentiment expressed.

AscenderRisesAbove said...

you run two art shops and still have time to chat with us? amazing!!

Ouissi Gresty said...

Running the art shops must be wonderful...so inspiring. Your collages are always so bright with such beautiful colours & patterns...good luck on your trip

Ouissi x

sharla said...

very cool collage!

Carrie Sommer said...

Love the collage...love the message!

APlanet4Creation said...

Great collage!

DEW said...

Fantastic as always! And you make me feel like I do nothing during my day - two businesses! Yikes!! Your collages are great - you catch on really quickly! Have fun!

Going For Greatness said...

Your collages are always fun, whimsical and meaningful. I hope that you will continue to share them with us!
I love Studio Friday so much because the artsts span the globe and I feel so enriched to be able to go from Sweden to Bali, over to Australia then to Germany, USA and France all without leaving the comfort of my own Studio in New Jersey, USA!
Your life must be so enriched too by being around the art in 2 galleries !!
~ Gabi

Anonymous said...

Oh I checked out your art on the other site! And it's so beautiful. I love the combination with dark wood and bright colors! Collages are a lot of fun! Enjoy discovering it!


I came to your page by chance and really liked your work...it's amazing!! I am an artist too and I know how to recognize a great work...congratulations!!

Miguel Westerberg

arvindh said...

Great work Himavant - It sure has been a very productive summer for you. I am not at all surprised that your Artwork elicits so much appreciation!