...art is a by-product of the experience of being with yourself, of living within patience. -- Robert Beer


Reborn HUG

Studio Friday: I am (Inter-)connected!

Dear Art-friends,

I feel reborn today… errr I mean I make a comeback after exactly one month vacuum. Simply because it’s been out of my routine; I didn’t see the mess, I was not in touch with the art atmosphere,..

I check blucolage last night and your messages have touched me. It inspired me to start doing collage again. So I prepared my art mess this morning. I felt good after finished this first collage. Ya, I should do it again.

Nothing serious about this piece although it includes ‘craziness’. Simply because I haven’t had the patience to browse more magz pages for ideas and the moon has caught my attention more. The ‘statement’ just adds the ‘nice message’ about art as one canal to go outside of hectic world. Ya?

I messed it tho. I forgot the trick to glue well, I broke her neck hoo hoo.. I decided to expose it instead of trying to hide. Enjoy! :-)

DAW, MBO, Belinha, Mauricio, Robyn, and many other art-friends;
I appreciate your care. Hugs.

Material: Dove ad; pages from Oprah magazine.


lee said...

I loved it, very unusual.


pooh said...

crazy and sexy..i like it.

Anonymous said...

Welcome!Welcome!You have been missed!But sometimes we need to do other things.Time is never enough for me!It's hard to catch up with every day demands.And still be inspired to do some art work!Important thing is you are ok.I saw a shortt movie about Indonesia and I remembered you.It showed a city ( I don't recall the name)where law isn't so good for women.They are not allowed to go out alone at night. If so they may be arrested on prostitution accusation. Well it's difficult for me to understand that reality.But before 1974 in Portugal law was hard on women too.I'm glad I lived today and not before 1974.Man and women were treated differently.That's wrong.They should be treated as human beeings, equal human beeings.I hate all that stuff- men versus women,white versus black, religius versus non religious.But that our world...

naomi said...

Enjoyed reading your entry and like the collage.

Robyn said...

Hima, I am so pleased that you are back in the blog world and as usual I love the collage. Very thought provoking.

La said...

Love it, I can feel so much in it! ~Laura

Anonymous said...

Good to have friends, who motivate you!